Rules and regulations are posted online and at each site and must be observed by all guests and their visitors.

Reservation Policies

Reservations can be created up to 13 months in advance online, and changed and cancelled by calling 1-833-609-0686Customers must be at least 21 years of age to reserve a campsite or group shelter.


Check-In:  Check-in: 2 pm. Must have receipt (electronic or printed) of their registration throughout their stay. 

Check-Out: 1 p.m.  

Occupancy:  The level of occupancy at a campground is specific to each site.  This level will be posted at each facility and will be specified within the reservation system.  Tents erected off designated sites are subject to removal. Camping between designated campsites is prohibited. When camping areas are filled to stated capacity, no other campers will be allowed. Camping is limited to 15 consecutive days for any overnight site.  Visitors using a campsite for 15 consecutive days, must vacate the site for 7 consecutive days before occupancy may be resumed.

Day Use Facilities 

Pavilions and meeting rooms are accessible during operating hours.

NOTE: Entrance fees are still applicable to renters of day-use facilities. An advance deposit equal to the appropriate use rate is required to reserve meeting rooms or group picnic pavilions.

Meeting Rooms:

Occupancy:  The level of occupancy of Event Centers is specific to each facility.  This level will be posted at each facility and will be specified within the reservation system. 

Check-In Meeting rooms are accessible during operating hours.

Security Deposit:  A one-day deposit is required when making reservations.  Pricing varies from park to park.

Cancellation Policies:

Campsites:  Cancellation of reservations made 10 to 13 months prior to arrival will result in a one-day rental charge for each facility reserved. Cancellation fees, for each facility reserved within the 9-month window, are $10 for reservations canceled 15 days or more prior to arrival, and a one-day rental within 14 days of arrival.

Day-Use Facilities:  The cancellation fee is a minimum of $10 per facility, if cancelled 15 days or more prior to the arrival date. If the reservation is cancelled 14 days or less before arrival, the cancellation fee is one day's usage fee.

Visitors:  Visitors to campsites are welcome; however, the number of visitors and registered guests must not exceed the stated occupancy limit at any time. Visitors must leave prior to closing times. 

Group Activities:  All group gatherings must conclude before 10 p.m.

Smoking Policy:  Smoking is prohibited in all enclosed structures

Pets: Any pet brought into a State Park must be on a leash (not to exceed 6 feet in length) or caged or crated. Pets are only permitted within designated buildings or other enclosed structures on site. Seeing-eye dogs are permitted in overnight facilities and near swimming areas. Pet owners are responsible for any injury or damage caused by their pets. Dogs and other pets are not allowed to run freely on park property.

Alcohol:  Consumption of alcoholic beverages is only allowed within reserved campsites or reserved group shelters.  Alcohol consumption is prohibited in all other areas.

Firewood & Campfires:  All campfires must be kept in designated areas. Never leave a campfire unattended. Only “dead and down” trees and branches may be collected for firewood.  Please contact the area manager directly about finding local sources of wood.

Collecting & Defacing:  All wildlife, plant life, driftwood, artifacts and any other natural or man-made features are protected and may not be disturbed or removed. Possession of metal detecting equipment is prohibited.

Motor Vehicles & Golf Carts:  Roads on the area are public roads. All vehicles (including golf carts) must be considered “Street Legal” by law.  All drivers must have a valid driver’s license.  Vehicles are only allowed on designated roads and parking areas.

Noise Levels:  Radios, televisions, musical instruments and all other noise-making devices are not to be used between 10 p.m. and 7 a.m. in a manner that such devices may be heard by other visitors and must be kept at low volumes during other times.


The following policies are set forth for rental of the Conference Center and Group agrees to abide by these policies.

Rental Procedure:

Half of the rental fee ($100 Exterior & $250 Interior) must be submitted with signed Conference Center Request Form Rental Agreement and Contract to reserve the meeting space. If the request is confirmed by the Conference Center, the balance of the rental fee is due seven (7) days before the event is scheduled.


No penalty if written notice is provided two weeks (14 days) prior to rental date. Cancellation less than two weeks will be accessed a 25% administrative fee. No refunds if cancellation is less than one week (7 days) from scheduled rental date. A full refund, less applicable cancellation fees, will be mailed to Group upon cancellation.

Per Day:

A day rental is from 7:00 am to 10:00 pm. If an event is extended beyond these hours, a $100 per hour charge will be assessed up to 12:00 am. After 12:00 am, a $100 every 15 minutes will be charged until the event is concluded and guests are off the Conference Center property.


Please give name and phone number of your Group’s contact in marketing pieces and not the Conference Center staff. Group is not authorized to use the Black Bear Conference Center, Poverty Point State Park, or any Louisiana State Park trademarks, trade names, service marks, logos, or other identifying marks without prior express written consent of the Assistant Secretary of the Louisiana Office of State Parks.

Room Set-up:

Any change from standard set-up is an additional $100.00 charge. 

Standard in-House Flat Screen SmartTV: Flat Screen 72” SmartTV is available at no additional cost with the interior room rental. Group is responsible for the repair of any damage incurred to the AV equipment while in the Group’s use. 

Group may bring their own AV equipment or order from an outside vendor. The Conference Center offers no guarantee on compatibility of outside equipment. If additional AV equipment is required, Group is responsible for arranging rental of equipment, set-up and dismantling. Group must provide name of company that will be delivering additional AV equipment.


Group is responsible for the cleanliness of the rented Conference Center space upon conclusion of event; a clean-up fee of up to $250.00 will be assessed if rented space is not returned to its original state.

  • Chairs and tables must be straightened and returned to original position
  • No used materials or trash to be left in Conference Center or exterior Patio
  • All used paper, plastic ware; bottles and cans must be place in trash receptacles
  • Leftover food must be placed in trash receptacles and taken away 
Food & Drink:

Group may order from a caterer or may bring in food and drink. 

Alcohol. If you plan on bringing any type of Alcohol a written approval in advance is necessary and Group must comply with all local, state and federal permits, regulations and laws. If alcohol is served at event, Group is responsible for hiring police or commissioned officer during the event. 


  • No smoking in or around rental facility.
  • No candles or incense may be used.
  • No nails or tape on the walls for decorating.
  • No confetti, glitter, rice, fireworks, smoke machines or other objects that litter the Conference Center can be used on site.